Strawberry Swag

I’m always looking for a craft I can do that would also double as something else. What can I say, I have a hard time justifying “crafting time” if the only purpose is to look pretty!

040615-StrawberrySwagI read on Pinterest about painting rocks like strawberries to keep birds out of the strawberry bed. (IT does actually work! Made some for my mom for Mother’s Day.)

But then I was thinking that it would be a GREAT thing to leave as swag in a geocache! Especially since MOST caches are full of… crud. Personally, I wouldn’t turn it into a signature item but a trade item that might move from cache to cache.

There’s no need to make this into a billion steps (Pinterest says to paint them white first!)

  • Spray paint the rocks red.
  • Paint the “top” green with one of those $1.29 bottles of green paint.
  • Paint on white dots.

I made about 50 for mom. It took me longer to source a piece of cardboard for the spray painting than it did to complete the project!

The best part is that you know you’re leaving a quality trade item – and “strawberry” that no critter wants to eat!

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Other ideas are:

  • Yellow with black stripes for bumblebees
  • Light green with dark green stripes for watermelons
  • Googly eyes with a smile for a “pet rock”

I have some leftover gold paint so I’m thinking of making “fools gold”!

What’s your favorite craft that doubles as a trade item or signature item?