Raising Funds for ‘Geocaching GPS’

Wow! The support and responses from “Why I Quit Geocaching” has been… wow! I had no idea. It makes me sad that so many cachers experienced some of the negativity I did but the outpouring of support is just — wow!

And I have to say, I wrote that blog post at 1 am when I just couldn’t sleep with all this running through my head. I even debated about posting it but decided that I would be better to be completely honest with everything.

Which is why I’m honestly asking for help for funds for Geocaching GPS. I’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $850 to cover JUST the costs of producing the book for the contributors. Here’s my math:

  • $15 per person to print and ship the book to them (About 40 contributors) = $600
  • $40 to ship the books to ME so I can send them out (less expensive than sending directly) $50
  • Less pledge prizes $50-100
  • Minus Kickstarter fees (REALLY hard to calculate) $100
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So to get the $650-$700 I HAVE to have to do my part, I’ll need to raise $850. And Kickstarter is an all or nothing — either I raise the $850 and get funded or I don’t and receive NO money.

But you can help! You can pledge (the BEST) or you can share the project. There are social media sharing links right on the page.

Support the Project!