When Should You Archive A Geocache?

Geocaches were never designed to be a permanent fixture in the landscape. Of course it’s fun to find a cache that’s been around for years (especially one that gets a lot of traffic!) but at some point you need to think about archiving it.

042315-RetireACacheAnd archiving doesn’t JUST mean archiving it on Geocaching.com – you also need to go pick up the cache container and deal with it!

Here are three ways you know it’s time to archive a cache:
1. The only container that will fit there is also prone to damage.
I have a great pill-bottle cache. It’s the ONLY size container that will fit in this spot. But it leaks! It’s fine February – June when we get little rain, but come monsoons… The cache turns into a soggy mess. It’s time to either pony up for an expensive cache container or archive the geocache.

2. You no longer are living in the area.
I got special permission by the developer of my subdivision to place a geocache in the nearby park. But now that I’m moving to the other side of town, I’ll be archiving the cache and removing it. Sure I COULD ask another close-by geocacher to adopt it but the developer gave ME permission and only me.

3. You’re tired of maintaining it.
There was a series of three caches a friend placed for me – and then made ME take care of them. One of them was ALWAYS getting muggled. And I just got tired of dealing with it. So after the last time it was stolen, I just archived it and called it good!

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Geocaches really aren’t meant to survive forever. It’s okay to decide they’ve had their day and it’s time to archive it.

As the cache owner, when do YOU archive a geocache?