Caching Memories

My good friend, Kris, is an avid scrapbooker as well as being a geocacher. Even though I swore up and down it wouldn’t happen to me, she’s gotten me hooked. She has since moved on to digital scrapbooking but I like working with paper, adhesive, and stickers.

You are probably asking yourself what scrapbooking and geocaching have in common, right? It might not sound like they have much in common, but they’re both really about memories.

So, the next time you’re out caching, be sure to pack a camera to record your trip. Here are seventips to make sure your pictures come out well.

  1. Have your subject look into the sun- the light will be behind the photographer. Yes, the subject might squint a bit looking into bright light, but you know that the entire face will be evenly lit. It just makes a better photo.

    The light was behind us. See how dark our faces are? NOT a great photo composition!

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