Product Review: ExOfficio Give-N-Go Underwear

Updated February 2017

I really love it when a product lives up to its reputation 110%. Not every product that I test does, unfortunately.

When I was at the Overland Expo in May, I was given a pair of Women’s Give-N-Go Bikini Briefs to test and review. I know what you’re thinking:

“Kim, seriously, you’re going to review UNDERWEAR on your blog?!” Yeah, I was thinking that too.

Copyright ExOfficio

But then a lady came up to the booth and was exclaiming that she wears nothing but the ExOfficio undies and they’re great and she wears them every day and they last and on and on and ON she went. So I figured I’d swallow my, ahem, trepidation about reviewing panties and give it a go.

Now Give-No-Go Briefs are explained as:

17 countries. 6 weeks. One pair of award-winning underwear. (Ok, maybe two.)

Join the thousands of people who have discovered the ExOfficio travel underwear revolution. Just toss your Give-N-Go’s in the laundry or wash them in a sink. Within hours you will have a fresh, dry pair of underwear. Breathable, lightweight, and long-wearing, you will toss them into your carry-on for every trip. Soon they will replace every other pair in your underwear drawer.

Which all sounds wonderful, right? But I was interested in how well they held up on the trail. And how well they preformed at different times of the month. Because, let’s face it ladies, it’s just a different story when “it’s that time of the month”.

Test One:

  • Short hike (1.5 miles)
  • Hot, humid weather
  • “That time of the month”

I was pleased that they didn’t bunch, ride up or give me a wedgie. It was hot, humid, and just way to muggy to enjoy being on the trail. But I was pleased that the panties seemed to wick moisture away from my skin. As for the additional discomfort of also wearing a sanitary napkin, well, I’m not sure that anything really makes that more comfortable.

Test Two:

  • Short hike (1.5 miles)
  • Even hotter, more humid weather

It was actually the same hike. Just a week and a half later in the summer. Which meant that it was hotter, more humid, and I was hitting the trail about an hour later in the day. Again, there was nary a sign of a wedgie: the panties stayed exactly where I wanted them to be with no chafing or discomfort at all. In the additional humidity, they didn’t seem to wick moisture away from my skin quite as well as I would have liked but I did notice that while the rest of me was a bit, um, ripe, the odor resistant properties were in full effect.

Test Three:

  • Long hike (6 miles)
  • Hot, dry weather
  • Carrying a huge backpack

And it was on the weekend’s backpacking trip that I decided that these panties are worth their weight in gold! It’s one thing to say they dry out quickly it’s completely different to experience it first hand. While there was no sink for wash, rinse and wring, even wearing them as soon as I stopped sweating, they dried quickly and completely. Odor resistant was working perfectly and I felt my skin was breathing.

The real kicker though was that I never felt as if I was wearing too many clothes. You know that feeling when you’re hot, sweaty, and covered in trail dust and suddenly your trail clothes aren’t cutting it? They’re sticking to you, making you even hotter, and you just feel gross?

Well, the ExOfficio Give-N-Go briefs just don’t do that. The next day when I switched back to my regular cotton briefs for the short hike out proved that the Give-N-Go’s were living up to everything that was promised. The cotton briefs, while comfy, didn’t stay put, felt much hotter and just were not as all-around comfortable.

So, go figure! I fully intended to try the panties but not actually publish a review about them. It’s just a little out there for me. But after experiencing them in action, I felt I really needed to share.

The only thing I’m not sold on is that they only come in black, white, nude, and brown. The lacy bikini comes in pretty colors but I’m not really a lace type of girl.

So that’s my complaint: ExOfficio, please make your amazing, fantastic, Give-N-Go Bikini Briefs in pretty colors. Or polka dots!

The next test I want to try is kayaking in them. But based off the results from hiking, I’m sold! So use any of the above links (affiliate) and get a pair (or three!) of your own!

Now, I just wonder if the bras are amazing as the panties…

PS: No, that’s NOT me in the photo! I stole it from the ExOfficio website.