Geocaching Blogs

I know a lot of cachers maintain blogs about their caching adventures. Since I get requests to share blogs I created an entire page dedicated to other people’s blogs about geocaching!

If you have a blog you’d like to suggest, please visit to fill out a short submission form. It’s completely free and I do ask that you link back to either or to


  • A self titled non-sense blog. I write about many things, but also geocaching – See the Geocaching tab at the top!

Are You Flowin’?

Geocaching in the Northwest

  • This is an adventure diary or journal of the different geocaches visited by GeoHL and Nosey Rosey (Ed and Dawn Gundy) of Roseburg, Oregon.Lots of photos of caches and sights to see in our weekend adventures around Oregon, California and Washington.

    We love it and it is great for bonding for the marriage we now have something we BOTH love to do … it is the thrill of the hunt and all about numbers. We are not so interested in being the FTF.