Find Your Geocache Getting Started The Right Way Thu, 16 Feb 2017 21:28:43 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Must-Have Geocaching Tool Kit Sat, 04 Feb 2017 03:50:44 +0000 Most cachers have a geocaching “kit” that they take with them on the hunt. It was born of the “I really could have used a _________ on this find” reasoning that always seems to strike.

My “kit” not only includes my writing stick of choice (blue ball-point pen) and my trusty camera but also a few choice items that make retrieving caches much more user-friendly.

  1. Walking stick. This is a must for Arizona where all manner of creatures (usually that bite, sting, are poisonous or all three!) like to live around caches. So a walking stick is perfect for jamming into a likely crevasse or flipping over rocks.
  2. Gloves. My garden gloves do double duty in my caching kit. This is nice when I’ve got my fingernails painted a la filming for The Outdoor Princess Productions. Or when locating the cache requires me to move plants with thorns.
  3. Small mirror. I finally got tired of sticking my head under cattle guards looking for micros! Now, I just angle the mirror under so I can see BEFORE I stick my head into anything!
  4. Needle nose pliers. For when you can SEE the cache, but you can’t get your fingers in there! Pliers are tough and portable!
  5. Forceps. Yep, I carry BOTH. Sometimes the pliers are too big to extract the log sheet from a nano. And the forceps can be too delicate for leveraging a good-sized cache container out of the hiding spot.
  6. Flashlight. Sometimes shining a light into a likely spot will show the cache reflecting back at you. And sometimes it shows the eyes of whatever critter is living in the hole!

6 things to ALWAYS bring #geocaching - you'll need them!
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None of these tools are heavy or too large so it’s not a problem carting them on geocaching hikes. And you know when you leave an item at the car is when you REALLY want it at the cache!

Readers Weigh In:

  • What must-have tools are in your caching kit?
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Geocaching Snack – Cheesy Trail Mix Fri, 01 May 2015 04:59:05 +0000 Maybe it’s just me but I ALWAYS need to have snacks handy. I’m like the poster child for the ‘hangries’ (that’s when you get hungry and then you get angry!) Everybody in my family, Ben included, knows that you’ve got to feed me, regularly!

Of course, sometimes there’s just not a convenient time or place to stop for a whole meal. Enter… Trail mix!

Cheesy Trail Mix - a go-to #geocaching #snack
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I can’t STAND that pre-packaged store bought crap. Shudder. Usually way too much on the carb/sugar side and too low on the protein side. Or it’s filled with things that I’m just not that into. (I love raisins but won’t touch a cashew with a ten-foot-pole!)

Here’s a favorite go-to trail mix of mine, PERFECT for geocaching:

Cheesy Trail Mix


  • 2 cups mini pretzels
  • 1 cup cheese snack crackers (either Goldfish® or Cheez-it®)
  • 1 cup honey roasted peanuts
  • 1 cup raisins

This is a quick trail mix that can be thrown together in camp or mixed up at home. Its low(er) in sugar since there’s no candy. You can also substitute dried cranberries for the raisins. Place all ingredients into a plastic baggie, seal, and then shake. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the amounts of the ingredients – it’s your mix, fix it the way you want!

CampCooking101This recipe and 100 others can be found in my cookbook: “Camp Cooking 101: 101 Fun & Easy Recipes from The Outdoor Princess”

This is a print-only book and has ALL the outdoor or camping (or geocaching!) recipes I’ve every written. Tested and modified to be cooked in the backcountry – with limited tools and ingredients!

When Should You Archive A Geocache? Thu, 23 Apr 2015 23:59:31 +0000 Geocaches were never designed to be a permanent fixture in the landscape. Of course it’s fun to find a cache that’s been around for years (especially one that gets a lot of traffic!) but at some point you need to think about archiving it.

042315-RetireACacheAnd archiving doesn’t JUST mean archiving it on – you also need to go pick up the cache container and deal with it!

Here are three ways you know it’s time to archive a cache:
1. The only container that will fit there is also prone to damage.
I have a great pill-bottle cache. It’s the ONLY size container that will fit in this spot. But it leaks! It’s fine February – June when we get little rain, but come monsoons… The cache turns into a soggy mess. It’s time to either pony up for an expensive cache container or archive the geocache.

2. You no longer are living in the area.
I got special permission by the developer of my subdivision to place a geocache in the nearby park. But now that I’m moving to the other side of town, I’ll be archiving the cache and removing it. Sure I COULD ask another close-by geocacher to adopt it but the developer gave ME permission and only me.

3. You’re tired of maintaining it.
There was a series of three caches a friend placed for me – and then made ME take care of them. One of them was ALWAYS getting muggled. And I just got tired of dealing with it. So after the last time it was stolen, I just archived it and called it good!

When should you archive a #geocache? 3 tips!
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Geocaches really aren’t meant to survive forever. It’s okay to decide they’ve had their day and it’s time to archive it.

As the cache owner, when do YOU archive a geocache?

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Diving into CITO Thu, 23 Apr 2015 23:14:03 +0000 090710-CITOThis weekend (April 24-27) is when you can participate in a world-wide Cache In-Trash Out effort. Geocachers around the world are hosting events where you can gather to clean up natural areas, pick up trash, plant trees, or remove invasive species.

And you can get friendly with YOUR local geocaching heroes!

#Geocaching #CITO weekend April 24-27, 2015
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Plus you can earn a special souvenir.

Will you be attending a CITO event this weekend? (I think I’ll be busy but I MIGHT swing my a local event if I get a free moment!)

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Geocaching GPS: Anthology Update! Thu, 16 Apr 2015 23:11:22 +0000 The writing contest ended last week and I’ve been hard at work reading all the entries to let winners know they’re in (or not.) And I am OVER THE MOON to share that there were 51 entries! Geocachers – you ROCK.

If you submitted, look for an email tomorrow (4/17/15) about the results!

And remember, the book will be released the end of May at Geowoodstock!