What is a geocaching poker run?

When we went to the AJACS geocaching event, we were introduced to a “Poker Run”. Now, never having DONE a poker run before I was really interested to see how this event would happen.

Frankly, I’m no good a poker. Just ask my grandma. (Shown below in her EatStayPlay.com apron!) Every Thanksgiving, the family gathers at her house. And after the turkey is consumed and the left overs put away, Nana proceeds to whip my you-know-what in poker.


Can you tell this is her favorite apron?

I’m terrible at it!

So the idea of playing geocaching poker… Well, I figured I might as well give it a shot.

I had figured that you’d go to some caches (5 maybe?) and pick a card to make a hand. But what I just couldn’t figure out what how that would be FAIR. I mean, wouldn’t the first person to each cache just get to choose cards that would make a Royal whatever-you-call-it?

Boy! Was I ever wrong!

Here’s how the poker run we participated in happened:

Number One: Ante up.

In this case, we needed to provide a quality trade item. The winner of the poker run was going to win a fully-stocked ammo can cache ready to hide.

(I contributed a first-aid kit)

Number Two: Get the cords

The fantastic coordinators from AJACS hid 5 caches around camp. So, all we had to do was visit each cache.

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