Arizona BLM Wants You To ASK for Permission To Place A Geocache

Geocaching always has a mixed reputation in the news and on public lands. Arizona’s BLM takes it one step further by saying:

Geocaching may become a management concern for BLM if it jeopardizes public health and safety, causes environmental damage, or conflicts with other authorized uses.

At the moment, caches are permitted on lands in Arizona managed by the BLM. The BLM requests that these four rules be observed:

  • Identify proposed cache locations to the local BLM office before placing a cache
  • Do not place caches at archaeological sites
  • Obtain a BLM permit for any competitive events, contests for prizes, paid participation, or caches hosted by commercial business
  • Advise BLM if you observe any misuse or abuse of a cache location

Read the full article here.


What do you think? Should geocachers in Arizona comply with the BLM’s requests?

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